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Aerial Photo of a Real Estate
Commercial Real Estate Photography

Commercial photography is less common than residential, but there are still several photographers who specialize in it. What exactly is commercial photography? Strictly speaking, if you get paid for delivering photos, this is somehow "commercial." But real estate photographers and industry insiders define the term differently — and that is: "photos intended for any commercial purpose."


Commercial photography differs from residential photography in a few aspects. Residential photographers usually deliver images to their clients with a limited license. Until Realtors can sell the home, they alone can use the photos. While the home is still on the market, the photos cannot be used for any other purpose than for marketing and selling the house. On the other hand, commercial photographs have less licensing restrictions. They have broader permissions and longer usage terms. Suppose a photographer is hired to take photos of a favorite restaurant in town. If the restaurant owner intends to use the images for several years for promoting his business over a variety of mediums (broadcast, magazines, print articles, web, etc.), that’s perfectly OK. Most photographers consider this commercial.


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