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Aerial Photo of a Real Estate
Residential Real Estate Photography

This category will make up the bulk of your business as a real estate photographer. Residential photography includes condo units, single-family homes, townhomes, multi-family buildings of two to eight units, and luxury properties priced at over a million dollars.

Most photographers shoot exterior and interior images, with an increasing demand for aerial shots and video as well. In the US market, the usual practice is to deliver 20-30 edited images. In other more developed markets like Australia, five to 15 edited photos are more common.

The residential category is probably the best of the four types of real estate photography. Why? Well, you typically get a lot of repeat business from the same Realtor-client. Keep in mind that there are over a million Realtors in the US. Over five million homes are sold every single year.

While prices can vary significantly by location, these types of shoots typically garner around $100-400 per shoot. The average is maybe $200-250 for most average-sized homes (2,000 square feet) and markets (cities between 250,000 and 750,000 residents).


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