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Aerial Photo of a Real Estate
Residential Real Estate Videography

This category will make up the bulk of your business as a real estate photographer. Residential photography includes condo units, single-family homes, townhomes, multi-family buildings of two to eight units, and luxury properties priced at over a million dollars.

Real estate videography is a powerful marketing tool that can make all the difference between a sold property and a property still on the market. It's the only tool available that gives potential buyers the feeling that they are viewing the property first-hand. While photos are an important part of a real estate listing, only video can reveal the true flow of the home – where each room is located in relation to the other and how each room is accessed. Potential buyers want to understand whether the dining room is off of the kitchen and if that spare bathroom is around the corner from the living room or the games room. Video is also a strong visual aid, allowing viewers to picture themselves in the home. It takes the listing off of a piece of paper and brings it to life, making viewers feel like they are in the home experiencing it for themselves. Visualization and imagination are critical to the buying process. If you can see yourself in that new car or that new outfit, you're a lot more likely to make the purchase, and the same can be said for real estate.


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